It’s Content Heaven at Griffin Radio

Alana Mullaly, Staff Writer November 11, 2023 Do you love music, announcements, talking and good laughs, and need a place to take your mind off of school? Well, Griffin Radio has you covered.  The Griffin Radio, a class here at Grossmont College, gives students the chance to develop leadership skills, “on air” personalities, and their overall…

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Graphic for name image likeness

Name Image Likeness

What are the positives and negatives? You’ve probably heard all about it recently in the news: Name, image and likeness for student-athletes. Over the years, it’s become something of a larger issue, going from whether athletes can receive payments from video game companies, to the concept of endorsements as a whole. 

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Photo of gaming console

Gaming on a Deadline

Can school and gaming coexist? Mark Lee, Staff Writer October 23, 2023 Our responsibilities and pursuits change as we get older, altering how we enjoy gaming.  Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo are the big players in the video games space and have been for more than 20 years. The gaming landscape has been very fast in its…

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Photograph of desserts

Fall Treats

Time to whisk out your baking sheets and pans and treat yourself. Alana Mullaly, Staff Writer October 12, 2023 Everyone loves a little something sweet, especially in the fall season. October is a time of celebration and comfort. The weather is changing and the warm summer heat is turning into sweater weather. Luckily, nice treats help…

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Movie poster for Pixar's Coco

Have Some Coco for Hispanic Heritage Month

A review of Pixar’s Oscar winning film, Coco. Joe Valerio, Staff WriterSeptember 29, 2023 In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept.15 to Oct.15, this is a review of Pixar’s Coco (2017). The 19th movie produced by The Walt Disney Co. is a highly acclaimed animated movie that successfully tackles Mexican culture and folklore. Coco follows the story of a young…

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Memorial Day photo

Supporting Our Veterans

Mark Lee, Staff Writer November 10, 2023 The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) at Grossmont College is about those who have served in the military, as well as the families who also support them and, in a way, serve right alongside them.  “We serve the veterans and their families here,” said Katherine Veizaga, the Veterans Resource Center…

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